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Premium trendy ultra modern dating theme template for quickdate script

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We've completely redesigned the script default theme's promotional features, and highlights features that will increase sales.

Every person is unique, so should be your dating website, easily change the colors, fonts, background images and so on, to create your own unique layout and style.

All Screens Included

Purchase LovePassion dating theme and get 1 year access to all current and future screens. We will be adding more screens and features.

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Outstanding Dark Mode

Turn on dark mode for a great viewing experience especially in low-light environments. Dark Mode is a dramatic new look that's easy on your eyes and helps you focus on the content.

  • Change individual colors
  • No page blinking on refresh
  • Dark mode stays, even on your next visit.

Theme Performance

LovePassion dating theme is highly optimized for performance and speed, and can easily handle over 1 million users, thanks to QuickDate script for making this feature possible.

LovePassion dating theme is optimized, and can handle over 1 million users without slowing down the site.
Fast Speed & Loading Time
LovePassion dating theme is optimized for faster loading time. VPS hosting is not required.
Google Friendly
LovePassion dating theme is built with SEO friendly links and HTML code that Google will love.

Typography or Colors

Easily add custom fonts or colors to your liking, create a unique one of a kind style. We're here to help incase you run into any issue.

Other Features

LovePassion dating theme is packed with awesome features, thanks to QuickDate script.

Fake User Generator
It's all about perception! And a little bit of cheating makes it easier for your website to spread out.
LovePassion dating theme supports 8 different languages, which are French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Dutch.
SEO Friendly
LovePassion dating theme is built with SEO friendly links and HTML codes that Google will love and will make your website rank higher.
Built-In Galleries
comes with gorgeous custom slider and justified galleries. Easily insert a gallery into your post or page by using the Gutenberg blocks.
Top-Notch Support
Professional customer support, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.
Adaptive Design
LovePassion dating theme is optimized and responsive to scale and look beautiful on any device.
Regular Updates
We will provide constant updates, bugs fixes, new screens, and features. your theme will stay up-to-date and won't be abandoned.
Easy Customization
You do not need to be a first class developer to change the site-layout, custom fonts or background colors.
Social Integrations
From Social login to user social profiles, all are included in the theme by default.
Speed of Light
LovePassion dating theme is optimized for both desktop and mobile, try it yourself. We do not use any CDN or VPS hosting.
Use Any Fonts
Enhance your theme design by adding your custom fonts of any kind.
In-site services
The theme is designed for users to spend more on the site with the script services.
Amazon S3 Storage
Expensive or running out of space with your hosting? Upload to Amazon S3 service.
Two-factor Authentication
The script is built with top security features such as two-factor authentication, and webcam selfie verification.
Email Support
Send message to selected users, or users who are not active for a selected time period. Available to admin only.
Add videos to your profile page or make video calls to other users and keep the conversations lively.
Profile Views with Google Analytics
Users can see, whom and how many users viewed their profile and admin can monitor the site activities via Google analytics.
Earn Extra
Place any content, including simple image banners or AdSense code in selected spots without any coding skills.
Profile Boost
Users can boost their profile to first page in search and lot more.
Super Crisp
All redesigned elements are scalable vectors. Your website will look gorgeous on every retina device.
Advanced Search
The script comes with advanced search filter, to narrow down your search result.
Coding Standards
Our coding standards help developers maintain a consistent style so that the code is clean and easy to read at a glance.
New Setting pages
The settings page has been re-modernized to meet with the theme's design standards.coming soon
Retina Images
Make your website look crisp on Retina screens by using the Retina Images

Top-Notch Support & Detailed Documentation

Never feel lost again. Our support agents are always there for you.

Every purchase includes 6 months of premium support for free.
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Find answers to all your questions in our detailed documentation.
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